Extractor for seperators – 4552K1

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EAN Code: 7314150225002

Specification Sheet

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Extractor for separator|Operation: The sharp tapered cutting edges of separator No. 4551 are pressed behind the part to be removed when tightening the stud nuts|Use puller No. 4552 to withdraw separator and part from the shaft by tightening the rod nuts|Opening capacity/span depth in mm:|4552-1: 45-140/150|4552-2: 55-200/210|4552-3: 90-260/315|4552/B: Spare body|4552K: Spare tie rod|4532/S: Spare spindle|4532-OAB/S: for 4552-1 (M14x1.5×135, SW 17, 175 g)|4532-CD/S for 4552-2 and 4552-3 (G1/2″x14x210, SW 22, 575 g)