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Over the years we have designed many tool kits to suit the needs of these industries. Red Box started out 25 years ago, in the aviation industry, manufacturing Ground Support Equipment. This grew further into creating aviation tool kits. Our kits are designed with the help from industry experts, based on years of experience. All of our aviation tool kits contain specialist tools, especially for use with aircraft. We have many variations of kits for use in this industry, such as Boeing, Airbus and UAV kits.

Since then we have expanded Red Box Tools further, by providing tool kits to a wider range of industries. Including, but not limited to those listed above.

Our team can help you to choose the tool kit best for you. This includes foam layers also. You can choose from our range of pre-designed tool kits or we can help you to create a bespoke tool kit.


The aviation industry is where Red Box Tools’ expertise lay. Starting out in the industry in 1993 selling Ground Power Equipment, we started to sell aviation tools and tool kits. This has now branched out into Red Box Tools, where our team now sell a wider range of aviation and avionics tools kits. Our kits are available in carry cases, trolley cases, canvas bags, metal cabinet and drawered cases. We also supply a range of tool kits that come with a spare foam layer, making it easy for our customers to expand their tool kit further, if they wish.

Our tool kits are designed for a range of aircraft, such as Cessna, Boeing, Airbus and Helicopters.  Designed as an essential item for aviation specialists, including pilots, maintenance works and more, these kits provide a long-lasting and high quality service every time. These tool sets are ideal to use for all aviation needs, ranging from general maintenance tasks to more complex work required. Also, Red Box’s aviation tool kits are being used by many of the world’s leading airlines, MRO’s and military organisations.


Red Box Tools is pleased to offer a wide range of tool kits, specially designed for the Marine industry. These kits were designed with the help from industry experts. With this advice, we can feel assured that our customers are receiving a useful and comprehensive tool kit that will eliminate the need to carry around unnecessary tools. Consequently these tool kits provide the most convenient and economical way to purchase a complete tool system.

Each tool kit in the Red Box Tools marine range is designed with simplicity and lightness in mind. We understand the importance of minimalism with equipment in the industry. Our tool kits are as lightweight and small as possible. Making them easy to carry and transport when they are being used in or around boats and yachts. Many tool kits in the range come in canvas cases, this serves a dual purpose: making them easy to carry onto boats and around the boatyard and to decrease the risk of scratching any surfaces whilst on board.

Our entire range is reliable and robust, with canvas cases being durable and light and our plastic cases have small dimensions. All tools used in the kits are corrosion free, giving you peace of mind that they will last. If you do ever need to replace a tool due to damage, all BAHCO tools come with a lifetime guarantee.

Each kit is designed with innovative layout solutions, Shadow Foaming®™ is the innovative solution to tool control. Tools are kept in one place in these specially designed foam layers, making it easy to find the tool you need, rather than rummaging through a bag or case. Each tool cut out has a push or pick point, therefore making it easy to remove tools from the protective layers. Our tool kits seamlessly integrate into the design of your yacht or boat, making them part of the interior.

Browse our full range of marine tool kits below.

Tools at Height/ Wind Power

The Red Box team’s range of Tools at Height kits are designed for use anywhere in which working at heights is required. Safety when working at heights is imperative in the industry. All of our Tools at Height tool kits include tools that are designed to fit onto tool belts and lanyards. This reduces the risk of tools being dropped on site and risking the safety of others. It also helps to protect tools from being dropped at height and damaged. The Tools at Height range includes Offshore kits, and Wind Power tool kits. We can create custom kits using our Tools at Height Individual Tool range too.

This range of kits comes in metal cabinets or trolley cases. We have a range of tool belts and lanyards, enabling you to choose what is best for you whilst working.


Red Box Automotive Tool Kits are designed using BAHCO tools to help our customers prepare for all eventualities when on the road. Each kit has a wide variety of essential tools, such as sockets, screwdrivers, pliers and more. Our customers can of course design their own kit if they are looking for something more specific to work on certain vehicles.

Factories and Production

Our production and maintenance tool kits have been designed you years of experience from engineers and tradesmen. We have a range of kits including Robot Repair Tool Kits and Boiler Kits. We can create tool kits that are designed specifically for what you need them for. This could be for specific types of machinery and industries.

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