Grypmat products have been designed, using the real-life experiences from a F-16 mechanic. He felt like he was wasting much of his time running up and down ladders to access different tools and hardware. This lead him to look for solutions…

Grypmat was born, allowing mechanics to keep the tools they need for the job in one place next to them, all without damaging the aircraft or vehicle they are working on.

Prevents tool loss:

At Red Box Tools, we love to provide tool solutions to make life easier for you. The Grypmat provides a safe area where you can set your tools down whilst working on your project at work or at home.

Not only does it stay in place once set down, your tools will not slide within the mat, making it the perfect assistant whilst working on a vehicle.

Amazing Grip

Grypmat, it is in the name. They can hold tools up to a seventy degree angle with no magnets, the high-friction material protects both surfaces and tools.  They can be used on a high-wing plane, marine vessel or car, the Grypmat provides a safe place to set your tools, wherever you are working.


This allows it to contour to curved surfaces without slipping or falling. As it is non-magnetic and no adhesives are used, it makes for easy placement and removal on the surfaces that you are working on. This eliminates the risk of any damage occurring whilst working on an aircraft or vehicle.

Grypmats are versatile, they can be used on a hot engine as the material will not melt at high temperatures.

This product is not only for the aviation industry but can be used in every field. The Grypmat can be used in the automotive industry, in the garden, in the garage or even in the home. The Grypmat is even used by NASA!


As well as being extremely durable, the Grypmat is very flexible. The flexible nature of The Grypmat means that you can fold it any way and it will retain its original shape. You can even roll the Grypmat making it easy to carry between jobs.

Chemical and Flame Resistant:

Each mat is made from a polymer-silicone blend, meaning that it has properties to make it resistant to all types of chemicals. It is also flame resistant, a hazard that mechanics can sometimes face.

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