5 Interesting Facts About Laser Engraving

Metal EngravingLaser engraving is a hugely popular way for businesses to develop brand awareness, whilst also being commonly used by individuals looking to remember a special occasion or give a unique gift to a loved one. The process of laser engraving involves using lasers to permanently etch a name, date or sentiment into a variety of materials.

However, if you are not overly familiar with the service, here are 5 interesting facts about it:

  1. It is much cheaper, quicker and more efficient than other methods of engraving, whilst the etching provided is flawless unlike other common methods.
  2. There are no toxic chemicals used during the laser engraving process. This means that no chemical residue is left on your product once it has been completed.
  3. A huge range of materials can be successfully engraved by lasers, including metal, leather, marble and ceramics. Size doesn’t matter either, as we can successfully etch the smallest, most delicate items of jewellery to much larger items.
  4. Laser engraving machines have advanced hugely over recent years, making them as easy to use as a computer printer. This makes the overall process far easier than you might expect, which helps to speed up the time taken to work on each item.
  5. Items are engraved as a result of the laser beam hitting the surface of the item being etched and being changed from light energy into heat. In fact, the laser itself has no inherent temperature, which is a huge surprise to many customers.

Red Box offers a full laser tool engraving and laser etching service, which, not only enables you to engrave your tools, but also many other items such as trophies, plaques, jewellery and much more too.  Using a state of the art Laser Marking Station, we can engrave/etch a broad range of products, from the very smallest to large size items.

Learn more about our laser engraving capabilities here.