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The Red Box Tools Team have working on another custom design this week for one of our customers, which will be primarily used on-board aircraft to carry out any required maintenance.

The customer provided the team with a list of tools they required so they could be ordered in. As soon as they arrived a few days later, the design work could begin. The team scanned all of the tools to be included in the kit and began creating the layouts of each foam layer that will store every piece of equipment in an organised and snug manner.

Once this stage is complete, the toolpaths are generated (just like in the photo above) and are then transferred to our CNC router ready to be cut out.  

We can create completely bespoke tool kits to match your exact requirements, making sure you can carry out your own work without any hassle. Just contact us via email at with a list of the individual tools you require for your kit or alternatively, you can create your own list via our website by following the guidance provided.

custom tool foam

Additionally, if you already have the tools and case in place, send them in to us at the address provided in our Contact Us section of the website.

Once you’re happy with the layout and pricing, we can get to work after payment has been received. Once the scanning is complete, we can either hold on to your tools until the kit is complete or we can ship them back if you’re in desperate need. If you’re looking to have all new tools from scratch, we’ll ship the complete kit to you once it’s ready to go.

Throughout the process, our Sales Team will keep you in the loop with the status of your order and how it’s progressing but we will also be happy to help if you have any questions throughout and if you need to make any last minute amendments.

What are you waiting for? Get the ball rolling by contacting Red Box Tools today via telephone on 02380 254285 or via email at

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