BAHCO launch their new tool trolley range

BAHCO have recently launched a new tool trolley range for 2018. These “Next Generation Trolleys” come in two different ranges. The E72 Storage Hub and the E77 Premium Storage Hub.


This range has been designed to offer market leading levels of safety and performance in a streamlined model. The case is innovative and strong, which is the core of this new range.

They have a subtle, aesthetic design with rounded corners, shock-absorbing corner bumpers and a new locking system with a round key. This range of tool trolley brings together many of BAHCO’s customers most demanded features, they can also be customised with side-mounted accessories.

This range comes with 5/6/7 or 8 drawers and with a standard colour range of orange, red, black and blue. However, these colours can be completely custom to the end-users desire and any colour can be created using the BETMS configurator. Just ask a member of our team if you wish to explore more colour options.

You can find more information on this trolley range here.


The BAHCO Premium Storage Hub, this combines the top level of safety, again with innovative design. This range is designed to meet the needs of people working in heavy-duty environments. Its features include, anti-tilting drawers with individual shock protecting bumpers to precision wheels with a cutting edge dual-braking system. These features definitely set it apart as a premium solution. This range can be paired with accessories too, either on the top, side or even bottom of the trolley. The aim with this range is to simplify the end-users work and improve their efficiency. Helping to gain convenience, safety and top performance.

This trolley range comes in 6/7/8 and 9 drawer options. Standard colours are orange, grey and black. Again this can be completely customised using the BETMS configurator.

Accessories and further information can be found here.

Not only has BAHCO released brand new tool trolleys, they have released new top chest range, to expand the E77. The E87 is a 4 drawer chest, with individual shock protecting corners and a new pivoting latching system. Giving you more opportunity to expand your tool kit.

You can view more information on the E87 range here.

All products are available on the Red Box Tools site now.