Bahco’s New Range of Advanced Stainless Steel Tools

Stainless Steel ToolsBahco is now using ice hardening technology during the manufacture of their latest range of stainless steel hand tools and storage trolleys to help them overcome past issues, which saw the stainless steel previously used being too brittle to use.

Interestingly, this is the very same ice hardening technology used by NASA and the European Space Agency in order to develop advanced rock fuel!

So, how does the new technology help? – Using cryogenic techniques during the manufacture process has resulted in the stainless steel tools achieving superb hardness and durability, making them ideal to use for any required task.

Alan Rankin, leader of the Bahco’s industrial tools team in the UK and Ireland said the following when asked about the use of the ice hardening technology:

“This technical achievement provides further evidence of Bahco’s market leading innovation. Our designers’ breakthrough offers significant benefits to plumbers and installers required to work in any environment where corrosion must be avoided.”

What are the benefits of stainless steel? – There are many reasons why stainless steel is commonly used across a wide number of industries, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, automotive and aerospace, and food, including those listed below:


  1. Stainless steel is well known for having hygienic qualities, whilst also being easy to clean.
  2. It is highly resistant to all weather conditions, corrosion and antacids, making it perfect for use on offshore applications. Bahco’s most recent stainless steel tools are manufactured in AISI 420, which is proven to resist corrosion.
  3. Buying stainless steel tools makes excellent financial sense due to users not having to replace worn tools as frequently, thus saving them a lot of money in the long-term. In fact, Bahco have themselves said that the demand for their stainless steel products has risen by just under 70% over recent years, whilst its popular is expected to continue to rise

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The latest products within Bahco’s stainless steel range includes wrenches, pliers,  sledge hammers and much more, whilst tools already available include a variety of screwdrivers, Allen keys, hammers and more, whilst our personal favourite is the stunning range of stainless steel tool trolleys, which can be purchased in two different sizes.