The Benefits of Shadow Foam

Benefits of Shadow FoamThere are many benefits of shadow foam with many of them likely to completely transform how you look after your tools going forward.


Some of the biggest benefits are listed below:

  1. Shadow foam is cut and shaped to fit all of your tools. This means that they can be stored safely and provide you with quick access to them for future jobs.
  2. No discolouration. That’s right, as the foam is coated with a clear rubber layer, the oxidisation process is completely stopped, meaning no foam discolouration.
  3. Shadow foam is one of the only foams that can be cut with a blade and leave a perfectly clean edge. It’s not soft, doesn’t deteriorate quickly and isn’t too rigid. In short, it is absolutely perfect for tool use.
  4. Shadow foam can be cut into any size required. This allows us to cut the foam for your existing tool case or cabinet without any problems, regardless the size.
  5. It is completely flexible enabling our team to provide tool control solutions for mobile tool kits, sheds, garages, businesses, or anywhere else that tool storage and control is required.
  6. The sheer strength of the foam means that it can easily withstand daily use without any concerns about it getting worn or teared.
  7. No more arguing with workmates, friends or family over tools. Instead, you will immediately be able to tell them that the screwdriver that you are fighting over is, in fact, yours thanks to the empty space in your shadow foam!


So, there you have it. Just a few of the benefits of shadow foam that you’ll be able to enjoy once the Red Box Tools team have scanned your tools and fitted the foam in your existing tool box. Of course, if you would prefer to buy one of our popular pre-designed kits, which come complete with bespoke shadow foam, then please click here.

Shadow Foam