Why Choose Our Mechanic Tool Kits

Mechanic Tool KitsWe understand that choosing the right tool kit is a difficult task. Firstly, there are many tool kits to choose from and ensuring that the quality of the tools included is another vital consideration, as nobody wants their tools breaking halfway through a job.

So, the question is why choose our mechanic tool kits? Let’s start at the beginning…

  1. We have many options available from pre-designed tool kits to bespoke tool kits that you can build yourself
  2. Our kits have been designed using years of experience from professionals in the industry, including Automotive, Engineering, Aviation and Marine.
  3. Each kit is designed using Shadow Foaming® layers. Each tool has its own slot in the foam layers, providing an organisation solution, which also protects the tools.
  4. All of our mechanic tool kits included tools that are manufactured by BAHCO and come with a lifetime guarantee.
  5. The shadow foam included within the bespoke tool sets can be cut into any size and depth and is available in many different colours, ensuring that your kit is completely build for you.
  6. Toolgraving™ – our laser etching service – helps to increase productivity by reducing time spent searching for tools and tidying the correct tools into kits at the end of a working day.
  7. The Red Box Group has been trading for the last 20 years. With Red Box International trading in the Aviation and Military industries since 1993.
  8. We offer unbeatable customer service, so we are always on hand if you need our advice regarding the mechanic tool kits you have purchased from us.

View all of our automotive tool sets here or start building your own bespoke tool kit today.


Mechanic Tool Kits