Custom Foams taken to a new level

One of our most recent customers sent in an email enquiring for custom foams to fit into his existing cabinets. He was currently having a new set of storage units installed into his garage and wanted a custom foam solution for each drawer. He had a fantastic orange colour scheme that ran throughout the garage and wanted orange and black foam for his tools. Also requesting a whole new set of tools to fill his cabinets he was in luck as BAHCO tools are primarily orange. The customer said the new tools are very much the icing on the cake – it didn’t seem right putting my old tools that have seen 20 years of use & abuse into my new set-up.”

Customised Foam and BAHCO Tools

Custom Foam and Tools

Tool control foam from Red Box

A Red Box custom foam design




After his initial enquiry a clear design for each drawer was emailed along with a detailed list of each tool to ensure the customer was aware of all the costs included in his order. After viewing the designs and browsing the website a few more times, the customer was after a few extra tools for each layer, also making use of the sales and deals available on the Red Box Tools website. The design was then tweaked to align with the customer’s requirements with professional advice given from the Red Box team.






Once this was approved, the designs were sent to production to be manufactured into the one off custom-built foam solutions that the customer required. After the foams had been manufactured, they were delivered to his garage along with all the tools that had been ordered.


BAHCO Garage

Home garage design using BAHCO tools

Shadow foam and BAHCO tools

shadow foam used to finish off garage design.














The final product not only included a stylish looking garage but one that is thoroughly organised and equipped with the highest quality tools. The customer wrote “A quick note to confirm my order was successfully delivered on Friday as planned. Needless to say I am very happy with the end result. I wasted no time dropping them into the drawers. They fit like a glove!!  I’m very happy with the layout & quality of materials. Although it is a significant investment however I don’t regret it for a second as I know I’ll get years of use & pleasure from purely looking at them. Finally a word of thanks to you for your support & creativity during the design process. – Regards Richard”


This was one project that the Red Box team got a huge amount of enjoyment from. For more information on the Red Box Custom Foam service visit their website