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A good mechanic needs two things to get the job done: knowledge and the right tools.

Knowing how to maintain and fix cars is a skill that every mechanic needs, but that will only get you so far. If you really want to make a living as a mechanic, you need to invest in the right kit, and that’s where our mechanic tools list comes in.

Car mechanic tools you need to have in your toolbox

Working with cars requires a wide range of tools – and not just the basics you’ll find in standard tool sets. Here are some of the essentials you need to get started as a mechanic.


With bolts used in so many car parts, a wrench set is the foundation of a mechanic’s toolkit. As well as offering you a range of sizes, investing in a combination wrench set will also give you the flexibility of an angled ring on one end and an open end on the other.

Combination wrenches

Sockets and Ratchets

A good alternative to a wrench that you may sometimes need as a mechanic is a socket and rachet. These can be especially useful for unfastening hard-to-reach bolts. Many mechanics also find the combination of a socket and rachet a faster alternative to a wrench.

In order to accommodate various requirements, mechanics broaden their set of tools with specialized sockets. Universal joint sockets offer flexibility for challenging angles, while wheel nut sockets ensure a precise grip for tire maintenance. Completing this trio of essentials is the spark plug socket, meticulously designed for engine care.


Used by motor racing professionals, T-handles come in handy when you need to apply more force when you’re grappling with something that needs tightening or unfastening. Ours feature two-layer insulation and are safe for working on live equipment up to 1000 volts acc.


Extensions are the perfect tool to help you unfasten bolts in hard-to-reach places, like car engines. As much of a mechanic’s work involves engine maintenance, extensions are an essential bit of kit to have in your mechanic toolbox. 

Universal Joint Wrench

As any good petrolhead knows, Universal Joints or U-joints are one of the most crucial cogs in a car. A core part of a mechanic’s job involves UJ maintenance and replacement, so you’ll need a decent UJ wrench in your toolkit and a supply of UJ components in stock.


As with wrenches, mechanics will need a suite of screwdrivers in different blade lengths, tip widths, and thicknesses. It’s also a good idea to invest in screwdriver sets with different head shapes so you’re equipped for all types of screw torx, slotted, flat head, etc).


When working with punches it’s essential to choose the right punch for the task. At the very least, your mechanic’s toolkit should include a centre punch for making accurate drill markings and a drift or pin punch for dislodging damaged bolts, pins, and rivets.


Great for gripping, cutting, and twisting (among many other applications) pliers are a valuable mechanic’s tool. A combination plier, slip joint plier, side cutting plier, snipe nose plier, and universal locking curved plier are the top five we recommend adding to your toolkit.


Perfect for beating dents out of metalwork, separating components, and re-shaping parts, a ball pein hammer and plastic hammer are two staple tools no mechanic would be without.

Tape Measure

Tape measures are an underrated mechanic’s tool, but they’re ideal for measuring wheelbases, rotors, and drums, as well as component parts like exhausts and fuel pumps. 

Electrician’s Scissors

A professional pair of electrician’s scissors are a must-have mechanic’s tool. They’re good for all sorts of jobs, from stripping wires to safely cutting and crimping cables.

Key Sets

Finally, no mechanic’s toolkit would be complete without a torx and a hex key set. Small and nimble, keys are an absolute necessity when it comes to securing or unfastening screws in places where screwdrivers are too big to reach.

Download our mechanical tool list with photos PDF

Our downloadable tool list pdf includes many specialised tools that are specific to the automotive industry, some of which you may not be familiar with.

For reference, we’ve added a brief description and image of each tool above. You can also download and save our mechanics tool list with pictures as a pdf to refer to offline.

Complete mechanical tool box sets

Investing in a complete mechanical tool box set offers many benefits over buying each tool individually and is a great way to get your mechanics business off the ground fast.

Each kit offers a selection of essential mechanics tools, contained in a portable cabinet, trolley, or carry case, where every tool has its designated place.

Great for protecting tools in transit, the two-toned foam layer inlay allows you to instantly spot which items are missing, so as well as being a convenient storage solution it can help you to keep track of your tools too.


Whether you’re just starting out as a mechanic, looking to upgrade your current kit or a hobbyist who loves tinkering under the hood, a complete automotive tool kit set is the fastest way to get all of the essential mechanics tools you need.

Our mechanic’s tools range includes something for every budget and experience level, from affordable tools at competitive prices to high-quality ones that will last a lifetime.

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