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Summer is rapidly approaching and there isn’t a better time to become a little more green-fingered (and maybe a little more self-sufficient with the way that the cost of living is going!) and giving your garden a new lease of life.

Red Box Tools are distributors for BAHCO and DRAPER tools, who have a massive range of specialised gardening tools, whether you’re a seasoned gardening veteran or are just getting started. With both perspectives in mind, we’ve produced the following list of essential gardening tools that Red Box can provide:

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Before you begin to pruning some of your flowers or ripping up those pesky weeds, you’ll need a pair of gardening gloves to protect your hands. We have several different styles of gloves available which may be suited to different jobs but the ones we’ve chosen in the link provided should give you adequate protection, manoeuvrability and comfort, perfect for all seasons.


Tidying up your plants will become a regular task for you and a decent pair of secateurs will become one of your most useful pieces of kit. This Draper pair have the functionality and comfort you’ll need.

Hand Trowel

hand trowel can be useful for a handful of jobs like weeding, planting and potting. We’ve the Draper one we’ve listed, This trowel by Draper word is made from stainless steel, making it rust resistant.

Hand Fork

A useful tool to have when planting in the garden, a hand fork will help to break up compacted clay soil and can cut through stony ground with relative ease. This stainless hand fork from Draper is strong and durable and has a soft grip handle for user comfort to protect your hand.

Watering Can

A good watering can will help you evenly distribute water over your seedlings and plants. This 9L option should do the trick.


A hose is a vital resource to have for your growing plants in beds and containers. Using a hose for watering your more established plants is quicker and easier, why not take a look at this Draper one we have available.


Shovels are essential for digging and planting, so it’s best to make sure you get your money’s worth. This BAHCO shovel is made from hardened and tempered carbon steel, making it strong and resistant to weathering.

Garden Fork

A garden fork is just the thing for getting your plot ready for planting. This Draper option will be perfect for getting through stony soil, the back of the fork also breaks down any big clumps ready for raking.


A rake is another must have for gardening as it allows you to break soil down to a fine tilth that’s perfect for seed sowing. The wide head and teeth on this BAHCO rake will allow you to level out your soil.

If you’re looking for further encouragement to get your tools from us, both BAHCO and Draper tools come with a lifetime warranty, so if in the rare case you were to have any issues with your tools, we can arrange a replacement for you.

We also have tool storage systems available but if that’s not enough, we can make you a completely bespoke gardening kit if you wish. The process couldn’t be smoother, just have a browse through all our stock on the website, add it to your basket, check out and our experienced team will begin processing our order. Additionally, once you’ve chosen your tools, you can add that little extra touch of personalisation by getting them etched. Just before you check out, hit the ‘Click here to add etching to your tool’ button, add the code you’d like and our Design Team will get on the case as soon as the order comes through. 

If you fancy treating yourself even more whilst browsing our inventory, we offer pre-designed tool kits, suited for a number of key industries.

If you’d like any further information or have any questions, please contact our Sales Team today on +44 (0) 2380 254285 or via email at

Essential tools to help you maintain your garden
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