The Red Box Group has been trading for over 20 years within the Aviation and Military industries and we’ve constantly tried to find ways to grow by introducing additional services. 2016 was the year that our Red Box Tools company was founded and we’ve been providing customers with pre-designed tool kits we carefully curated and designed over the years (whilst working closely with Engineers across multiple industries), individual tools to fill in the blanks of their pre-existing collection and shadow foam for their tool cabinets ever since.

We can also create completely bespoke tool kits to match your exact requirements, making sure you can carry out your own work without any hassle. In today’s post, we wanted to highlight how easy the process is, bullet pointing the procedure from start to finish:

  • Contact the Red Box Tools Team via email at with a list of tools you require for your kit
  • Alternatively, you can create your own list via our website by following the guidance provided
  • If you already have your tools and case, provide us with as much information about them. If you have the manufacturer and part number, we can look these up. Please also send across a photo on how you’d like these laid out in the shadow foam layers and we will do our best to accommodate this, as some things may need to be moved around slightly to ensure that the tools are easy to remove without damaging the layer
  • From here, our Sales Team can work on formulating a quote for you and inform you on the lead time needed to complete the work. We will also confirm with you if you require for your kit to be delivered and the additional costs involved if necessary
  • Once you have approved the quote and lead time we have provided, we can get to work after payment has been received. If you already have the tools you require, you will need to send these to us so our Design Team can scan them so we can account for the exact dimensions they require within the case. Alternatively, if you are looking for us to provide all the tools and have chosen from our selection, we will order these in from our Head Office and then complete the scanning. However, as we’ve scanned thousands of tools over the years, we more than likely have these on file already!
  • Once the scanning is complete, will then proceed with creating the design for the kit layout in our CAD/CAM software and will then be sent over to you for approval
  • At this stage, we can make any tweaks you like until you’re happy to continue. When you’ve given us the all clear, we will then program the cutting coordinates for the foam layers which are then uploaded to our CNC router
  • The design is then brought to life on the router and once cut, the layers are then checked over by our Quality Team to confirm that there aren’t any tears, are up to our overall standard and there aren’t any other issues
  • When the Quality Team have given the green light, the layers are heat treated with our ‘Pizza Oven’, giving them a nice-looking finish
  • The tools are then placed into the foam and then the foam into the kit and then the work is packaged to prevent any damage during transport
  • Our Sales Team will then contact you to let you know that your job is complete and either ready for collection or despatch. If you have arranged with us that you would like your order to be delivered, we will then get this booked on with our Freight Forwarders and notify you of the transit time


Throughout the process, our Sales Team will keep you in the loop with the status of your order and how your tool kits are progressing, but we will also be happy to help if you have any questions throughout and if you need to make any last minute amendments. If you’re ready to get the ball rolling, contact Red Box Tools today with your requirements and our knowledgeable team will be prepared to assist.


Call Red Box Tools on: +44 (0) 2380 254285 or +1 (770) 709-5169.


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