New Robot Repair Kits designed at Red Box Tools

Our latest “Design your own kit” has been created by our customers, Ocado, a British online supermarket. As they do not have stores and deliver from warehouses, this is where our newly designed tool kit comes in handy.

Ocado have developed a new automated picking “Bot” that will streamline the picking process within the warehouses. These are currently deployed in Andover and Red Box Tools are kitting out Ocado’s new facility in Erith.

The very first tool kit that was designed, was to be used as a first response kit to fix small issues with the bots. These are situated in designated maintenance areas throughout their new facility. We’ve successfully trialled these kits and are set to build more!

The Red Box Tools team are set to be building another trial kit, again to be used with the factory bots. This will be a more comprehensive kit to sit in the “Bot Workshop”. So, when a bot require more extensive maintenance they are sent here.

The sales team are currently working on another even bigger kit, and we anticipate in the future that there will be more “Bot kits” to be built for Ocado!