Personalised Tool Kits and gifts, just in time for Christmas!

At Red Box Tools our premium Toolgraving™ service is the perfect solution if you are stuck for gift ideas for your tool-mad loved ones!

Our laser etcher is in full swing already in time for the Christmas gift rush. We can personalise any tools and tool kits with a unique name, message or pattern, therefore creating a great gift to give at Christmas.

If you have someone in mind who loves their tools, then getting them etched may be just what you are looking for. Not only is it a unique gift idea, it acts as a great organisation tool at home and in the workplace. Unique engraving on tools helps to keep them all in one place and ensure that the correct tools are put away into the correct case.

We can etch more than just tools!

Our etching machine is not limited to just Toolgraving. We can etch many different items to make them personalised, ready for Christmas. If you are looking for engraved jewellery, watches or Christmas decorations and much more. Get in touch with us on 02380 254 285 or email for more information and a quote from our friendly team.