Product spotlight – RBA13 Metal Fabrication Toolkit | RB Tools

Over on our Aviation site, we’ve been churning out some product spotlights on the different sub-sections of equipment we provide and now we thought we’d give the same treatment to some of our tool kits.

Starting off with our RBA13 Metal Fabrication Kit, a kit that none other than our Engineering Team members use! The RBA13 is a four-drawer imperial kit which includes 46 BAHCO tools, suitable for all of your sheet-metal work requirements. Amongst the set-up is a tape, rule and digital calliper for measuring, a scribe and punch for marking out, a hacksaw and junior hacksaw for cutting your material and a selection of files for getting rid of those burrs. All of the tools are neatly stored in shadow foam, ensuring your tool control remains tight and are made accessible through push points to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the foam. That’s not all however, as all of the tools come with a lifetime guarantee and the foam within the kit has a two year guarantee!

The RBA13 fits the bill for most metal fabrication working environments but if you still feel that you’re short on a few of the tools, you can always use this style of kit as a base to create your own bespoke option through us. The process couldn’t be simpler, have a read of one of our previous posts on the subject here

If you’re looking to kit out your workshop team with boxes of their own; to add a touch of personalisation, why not get some etching done as well? We can accommodate any codeword or name up to eleven digits long. If you’re interested in purchasing one of our pre-designed tool kits or would like to go ahead with making your own, please contact Red Box Tools today on +44 (0)2380 254285. Alternatively, if you have any further questions or if you’re still unsure on what you need, contact our Sales Team via email at, where we can discuss your requirements with you further.

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