Stephanie’s trip to Red Box Tools

7 year old Stephanie came to visit the Red Box stand at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year. Stephanie, a big fan of tools, couldn’t resist taking a look at the tools and tool kits with her Dad, Dan.
Stephanie definitely put a smile on the Red Box team’s faces when she told us about her projects she carries out in her Dad’s garage. Starting with putting together a kit car to then renovating her older sisters old quad bike, stripping it back and starting all over again, to create her very own Optimus Prime (Stephanie is also a Transformers fan!)
Stephanie’s interest in tools all started with her Dad, she would spend time with him in the garage, playing with boxes of nuts and bolts. This then moved onto a deeper interest and she started to ask questions about what each of the tools do. Not before long she was itching to use the tools herself and to make things of her own.
She started with little projects with LED lights and even practising her soldering skills. This has also become an interest and she uses the soldering iron on many of her projects, she is now hooked!
Her first big project was a kit car, she used her tools and soldering iron to put the kit together and create the wiring loom. After one weekend the car was built up and after one week she was able to drive the car, modifying it as she went.
Shortly after, Stephanie inherited her older sisters quad bike, however, it was 12 years old and needed some TLC. Over the Christmas break, she stripped the quad down to the bare chassis. She was bought new shiny parts by Father Christmas and the quad was ready to be transformed in to Optimus Prime! With help from Nan and Grandad and vouchers for nuts and bolts she was able to put the quad back together, (with a little help from Dad to get the wheels ready). After a slightly more complicated process to create the wiring loom this time, the quad was built and running well!

Her newly built Optimus Prime was shown at local car shows and Stephanie has been invited to some comic conventions, which she is very excited about!
Being 7 years old sometimes it gets tricky to undo the tight bolts, so with a little help from a new selection of impact drivers, it’s not a problem anymore!
After coming to the stand and purchasing a 54 piece BAHCO bit set, Stephanie is now ready to start on her next project. “She is yet to decide but she will either be turning a petrol engine into a mobility scooter for her Grandad or perhaps building her own mean machine mower!” says her Dad, Dan.

Stephanie even got her new set etched on the stand with her nickname, Piglet, so she always knows which are her tools and which are Dad’s!

We really enjoyed hearing about Stephanie’s projects and wish her luck with all future projects too. We hope to see her on the stand next year, adding to her Red Box Tools collection!