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Safety is always paramount on any job, but never more so than when you’re working with tools at height. The risk of serious injuries or fatalities is very real when you’re working at height with tools, so it’s vital that you follow proper procedures and do everything by the book to keep yourself and your colleagues safe from harm.

That’s where tethered tools come in. Designed for jobs at height, tethered tools can help to prevent injuries from tools being accidentally dropped, kicked, or taken by wind when you’re working at an elevated level. Here, we introduce the key tethered tool ranges we offer at Red Box Tools and some important safety tips for working at height responsibly, in accordance with UK work at height regulations.

essential tethered tools

Tethered Tools to Use for Working At Height

1. Lanyards & Carabiners

Lanyards and carabiners allow you to safely secure a tool to your person so that if the tool should fall, it will only drop so far as the lanyard length permits.

With lanyards for tethered tools, it’s important to check that the lanyard is tool and DROPS compliant, and appropriate for the weight load of your tools. Attaching too heavy a tool to an incorrectly suited lanyard can infringe the lanyard’s integrity, potentially causing the tool to break free and fall.

We also recommend opting for a lanyard that has a high visibility strap, safety screw locking carabiners, and a self-retracting inner coil (good for absorbing shock).

lanyards and carabiners

2. Lifting Bags & Belts

Tethered belts and bags are another great tethered tool storage solution when you’re working at height.

Fitted with steel D-rings (that are compatible with the safety rings on tethered tools), belts and bags are one of the easiest ways to stay organised and safe at height, while having all the tools you need at your fingertips.

lifting bag

3. Tethered Wrenches

Wrenches are an indispensable tool for loosening and tightening fasteners. Made of strong metals like high performance alloy steel, you can only imagine the damage a dropped wrench could do, were it to accidentally fall from your grasp at height.

Tethered wrenches are designed to prevent such scenarios. Each one is labelled with its maximum weight to allow you to pair it with the appropriate lanyard, via a stainless-steel spring or sliding hook.

You can find tethered wrenches in all wrench styles, including adjustable wrenches, combination wrenches, flare nut wrenches, open end wrenches, pipe wrenches, ratchet wrenches, ring wrenches, scaffolding wrenches, slogging wrenches, socket wrenches, and torque wrenches.

Tethered Wrench

4. Tethered Sockets & Ratchets

Owing to their weight, tethered sockets and rackets usually feature a steel shackle embedded into their handle, which can be securely connected to a D-ring or carabiner.

They’re a perfect tool for tethering to a fixed anchor point, like a secure rail. Just be sure to always keep them tethered at all times, especially if you leave them out between uses.

Tethered Socket & Ratchet Set

5. Tethered Screwdrivers

Tethered screwdrivers are fitted with a secure steel ring that allows the tool to be fastened to a wearable lanyard or tool belt, or affixed to a tool bag. This is usually built into the handle, but can vary by tool type and manufacturer.

Tethered screwdrivers, like the majority of tethered tools, are also tagged by weight so you can choose a suitable fastener type.

Tethered screwdriver

6. Tethered Pliers

Pliers are great when it comes to trimming, stripping, or bending wires. You can tell a tethered plier by its in-built ring (usually affixed to the plier body or handle), which allows you to attach the plier safely to lanyards or tethered tool belts.

Like all tethered tools, tethered pliers also have a max weight bearing, so be sure to take note of this and choose an appropriately weighted attachment for safety.

Tethered plier

7. Tethered Measuring Tools

Tethered measuring tools include the likes of tape measures, vernier callipers, feeler gauges, rulers, and squares.

The tethered aspect comes in the form of a secure attachment that allows each tool to be fastened to a lanyard, tool belt, or tool bag, in order to prevent the tool from falling if it’s accidentally kicked or dropped – a perfect solution for using these tools safety at height.

tethered measuring tape

8. Tethered Hammers & Punches

Hammers and punches are two other tools that could seriously injure someone if they were to fall from height.

To keep your hammer(s) and punches safety secured to your person while working, be sure to choose a model that has a DROPS approved attachment that you can connect to carabiners or D-rings, preferably one with a rotating cable solution to maintain optimal ergonomics.

tethered club hammer

9. Tethered Files

Tethered files feature a secure safety ring affixed to the handle or the body of the file.

Like all tethered tools, tethered files are tagged with their weight limit so you can safely choose the correct lanyard type to pair them with.

tethered hand file tool

10. Tethered Cutting Tools

Tethered cutting tools, such as hacksaws, utility knives, and scissors, come with a built-in safety ring that allows you to secure the tool to a fixed point while working.

If you were to accidentally let go of the tool or knock it over the edge of a scaffolding rig by mistake, the tool would simply hang within reach, allowing you to pick it up safely.

tethered hacksaw

Tips for Working at Heights

• What the law says about working at height

When it comes to working at height in the UK, the UK Working at Height Regulation 2005 outlines the following:

“Every employer shall, where necessary to prevent injury to any person, take suitable and sufficient steps to prevent, so far as is reasonably practical, the fall of any material object.”

While tethering tools aren’t specifically mentioned, these types of tools are widely recognised as a best practice method for preventing objects from falling when operating tools at height.

• How to avoid dropping tools

Investing in tethered tools is the first step in preventing tools from slipping at height. While you can’t avoid dropping tools accidentally, you should always securely fasten your tethered tools to a tool belt or lanyard between uses, or tether them to a fixed point, where they can’t do any harm if they were to accidently slip.

You should also get into the habit of putting each tool away between uses when you’re working at height, either in your tethered tool belt or in a tethered bag, to minimise the risk of tools being accidentally kicked or knocked over the edge.

• How to avoid falls

Working at height introduces some additional risks to your wellbeing. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to stay safe and minimise accidental falls:

• Be sure to wear protective PPE, such as a hard hat, gloves, and fall protection restraints.

Undergo specialist training before attempting any job that requires you to work at height.

Never tether heavy tools to your person as this could cause you to lose your balance and topple over. Always attach tools of 5lbs+ to a fixed, anchor point.

• Always wear heavy-duty, anti-slip footwear, with a decent grip, and be sure to double-knot them so the laces stay done-up.

Try to work on a secure surface, such as scaffolding or a mobile elevated working platform, and if you have to go up a ladder, make sure it is steady

Popular Tethered Tools For Working At Heights

Operating tools at height can be a challenge, but with the right tools and safety steps it is possible to work at height effectively while protecting the wellbeing of everyone around you.

Check out our most popular tethered tools for working at height below, or for more working at height tool solutions, including stop drop tools, scaffolding tools, and tool tethers, take a look at our Tethered Tools category.

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