Why Use Bahco Tools?

BAHCO ToolsEstablished in 1886, Bahco is now one of the leading manufacturers of professional hand tools used by tradesmen and women throughout the world, but why do Red Box Tools use Bahco tools within are tool boxes and tool kits?

The answer is simple. Quality. Everyone within the industry knows that Bahco tools have been built to last, so there is simply no need to replace your tools every few years due to heavy use. Instead, your tools will last the test of time and provide first class results every time, so much so that their ‘fish and hook’ logo is now a symbol of premium quality.

So, who buys Bahco tools?

It does not matter whether you are a carpenter, plumber, mechanic or specialise in any other trade, Bahco tools are essential for all DIY and professional tasks due to their superior quality over the vast majority of other tool manufacturers. The only thing that differs is that people across various trades will rely on a different group of Bahco tools on a regularly basis. For example, mechanics will frequently use the high spec socket set or torque wrenches, whereas gardeners are more likely to favour pruning saws. This is down to the fact that all of the tools are built using the same chrome vanadium steel and stainless steel materials, ensuring that they all offer the same extremely high levels of reliability and results.

Bahco Tool KitIt doesn’t end there either, as the Bahco ERGO™ range has been developed to provide the sensory feedback required for precise control. It is a well known fact that using poor quality tools for a long period of time can lead to the user receiving muscle, bone or joint problems, and this is where Bahco’s ERGO™ tools come into their own, as they are built to reduce the risk of injury without impacting performance quality or durability.


If you have never used Bahco tools before then it is difficult for you to fully appreciate what you are missing out on. However, if you regularly use Bahco products, you will know exactly what we are talking about and why all of our pre-designed tool kits come complete with a selection of these first class tools. Not only this, but the company are also striving to break today’s standards and ensure that our current restrictions are overcome, meaning that you can be sure that new tools will be developed in the near future that make the life of trade professionals even easier and more comfortable.

As previously mentioned, our tool kits include Bahco tools but, of course, if you already have a tool kit and you are seeking to add fresh tools to your collection, you can also choose from a great selection of individual Bahco tools and tool storage solutions here.

So, we hope it is now clear why we use Bahco tools. The decision is obvious.