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Everyone should own some form of tool kit; whether you’re a skilled tradesperson and even if you lean heavily towards the inexperienced end of the spectrum, there will always come a time (normally when you least expect it!) where it’ll come in handy. Hand tools are not only used across several industries for a multitude of tasks but there are a few ‘must haves’ that are worth investing in if you’re a homeowner. Towards the end of last year, we made a list of all the tools every tradesman or woman should have in their kits and there are plenty of lists available online on the essential tools for your home but another thing you should take into consideration is their overall quality. How do you determine the characteristics of a high-quality tool? Keep on reading to check out some tips and tricks when making your selections!

Have you picked the correct tool for the job?

Before you select a tool, have a think about the tasks you’ll be carrying out with it. All hand tools are designed for specific purposes and using them for something other than its intended purpose (even unintentionally) can often lead to damaging the tool and potentially injuring yourself in the process. Do your research but don’t fret if you’re still unsure, you’re more than welcome to contact our knowledgeable Sales Team!

Is it really ‘ergonomic’?

A lot of tools these days are advertised as being ergonomic which is just a fancy word for describing something that has been designed for comfort and efficiency. However, in conjunction with the first pointer, a hand tool only becomes ergonomic when it fits the task you are performing. For example, the tool in question should fit in hand without causing awkward postures or harmful contact pressures as these can potentially lead to injury.

‘Try’ before you buy!

When shopping for tools, we personally would always recommend visiting us at our recently refurbished tool shop to hold the tool in your hand to see how it feels in hand. Does it feel well made? Feel the weight of it as this sometimes can be a good tell on the product’s quality most quality hand tools are little heavier than a sub-standard model. However, there can be exceptions to this, however. For example, if you need to use the tool overhead, having something heavy can potentially be an issue so always consider whether the instrument is fit for its purpose.

Quality materials make quality tools!

A cheap tool may suffice for a small or one-time job but with repeated use, you’ll inevitably run into durability problems. Although top-notch tools tend to be the more expensive option initially, they’ll be more cost effective in the long run as you won’t have to continually replace them. If the tool is constructed from metal, try and source stainless steel options as they’re more durable and won’t rust.

Check out the warranty

When browsing, check the tool’s packaging for an indication that the manufacturer is offering a warranty. With first-class manufacturers like BAHCO, DRAPER and FACOM, they offer lifetime warranties on their product  as they’re THAT confident in the product. Therefore, on the rare occasion you do come cross a defect within a tool, you can get it replaced with no fuss and most importantly, free of charge. Additionally, if you purchase your tools through us, we can take care of the whole replacement under warranty process for you!

We hope that this post has been helpful but if you still have some questions you’d like answered, contact Red Box Tools today via telephone on 02380 254285 or via email at sales@redboxtools.com

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