Torque Tools

Take a look at our great range of BAHCO torque tools below, including popular torque tool sets, torque control, as well as a wide selection of screwdrivers, angle gauges, ring insert tools and much more. All of our torque tools are designed, tested and certified to ISO 6789 and will withstand the toughest working conditions.
The use of torque tools allows the operator to measure appropriate level of torque (rotational force) required to a nut or bolt so it can be matched to the specifications for the job at hand to allow the user to apply safe and proper loading to ensure the correct tightness is applied. This prevents common issues such as damage to nut or bolt heads or overtightening which can lead to screw fractures.
Our range of BAHCO torque tools are suitable for Automotive and Aviation industries, where quality and accuracy are crucial. All of our products are ergonomically designed for comfort and control to guarantee precision whilst reducing the physical constraints on the worker. We also provide torque control testers which can be used to maintain the tools accuracy between calibrations. It can be used to identify when a torque tool has been overloaded, when it needs to be repaired and when inappropriate usage may have reduced the accuracy.
Buy BAHCO torque tools today, or contact our friendly team if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.

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