FGA Adjustable Torque Screwdrivers

Engineered and assembled in the Silicon Valley, the Mountz FGA line of adjustable precision torque screwdrivers are the most advanced hand tools in the world.

  • Quick torque setting adjustment.
  • Poka-yoke torque screwdriver prevents over-torque.
  • Cam-over technology ensures that the correct torque value is consistently applied.
  • Digital torque scale provides an accurate and simplistic process to adjust the torque setting.
  • Calibration life 4x ISO standards, unmatched by any adjustable screwdriver.
  • Industry leading warranty: 2 years unconditional. Lifetime against defects.
  • Select the torque measurement setting for your application.

The adjustable tool saves field service techs and manufacturers time and tooling costs by allowing them to accurately tighten critical fasteners of different sizes—all with a single tool.

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