Custom Shadow Foaming® For Existing Tools

Get Organised With Our Bespoke Tool Foam

Custom Shadow Foaming by Red Box ToolsDo you have all the tools you need but can never get them as organised as you would like? If so, our bespoke shadow foaming® service will have you sorted in no time, thanks to its first-class tool control capabilities and our unique Push Point Technology®.

Shadow Foaming® is the process in which we create bespoke foams for any tools, items or accessories to sit in. The tool foam that we use is strong enough to withstand daily use, completely versatile, and can be cut easily. Our aim is to ensure that the tool box foam inserts not only last the test of time, but also enable you to complete daily tasks quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

Red Box’s bespoke tool foam service is also completely straightforward to order too. Simply give us your tools and we will scan them and lay them out in specially designed 2 colour, routed, custom foam inserts, before your new kit is complete!

Our shadow foaming services are not just limited to tool kits either, as we offer tool control solutions for your garage, shed, and anywhere where tool storage and control is of high importance.

Can’t Get Your Tools to us? We’ll Come to You!

You can bring your tools into us to be scanned or we can come out to your business and scan them on site. This makes our custom tool box foam service completely flexible around your requirements.

Socket set complete with bespoke tool foam available at Red Box Tools.

What is Shadow Foaming®?

Shadow Foaming® is a customisable and versatile grade of foam. This means that we can cut and shape the foam to fit any of your existing tools. It is available in a range of colors too. All bespoke foam sheets are covered with a clear rubber layer, making them extremely durable and perfect for any industry. The biggest advantage is that your tools will be easy to spot within your tool boxes and tool kits.

How do you cut the tool foam?

Our custom foam inserts begin with using a CNC Router (a computer controlled system for maximum precision) to cut the tool foam. We scan the tools using an electric pen and board, which allows us to create an accurate drawing. The drawing creates tool paths that are then sent to the computer and then directed to the router, which then cuts along these “tool path lines”. This creates an extremely accurate cut out of each tool shape in the foam layer.

Shadow foam and BAHCO toolsAll tool foam comes complete with Push Point Technology™, making it even easier to gain access to your tools.

What case should I use to house my bespoke shadow foaming?

As the shadowing foam can be cut into any size needed, we can use your existing tool case or cabinet. However, if you would like an upgrade, we have a wide range of tool cases and cabinets available here.

All of our pre-designed solutions come complete with perfectly fitting tool foam foam, ranging from our electrician kits, mechanic kits, plumbing kits, woodworking kits, and more.

Our bespoke tool shadow boards are also perfect for keeping tools tidy at home, work or in the garage.


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