Custom Shadow Foaming For Existing Tools

Have all the tools you need but can never quite get them as organised as you want?

Now Red Box are offering a complete bespoke shadow foaming service! We take your tools, we scan them all, then we lay them out in specially designed, 2 colour, routed foam. We can offer tool control solutions for your mobile tool kit, garage, shed, business, anywhere where tool storage and control is of importance. You can bring your tools into us to be scanned or we can come out to your business and scan them on site, making our shadom foam service completely flexible around your requirements.

What is Shadow Foam?

Shadow Foam is a customisable and versatile grade of foam. This means that we can cut and shape the foam to fit any of your existing tools. It is available in a range of colours too. All foam sheets are covered with a clear rubber layer. This makes them durable and perfect for any industry.

How do you cut the foam?

We use a CNC Router to cut the foam, this is a computer controlled system. We scan the tools using an electric pen and board. This allows us to create an accurate drawing. This drawing creates tool paths that are then sent to the computer, the paths are directed to the router which then cuts along these “tool path lines”. This creates an extremely accurate cut out of each tool shape in the foam layer.

What case should I use to house my shadow foam?

As Shadow Foam can be cut into any size needed, we can use your existing tool case or cabinet. However, if you would like an upgrade we have a wide range of tool cases and cabinets available here.


Contact our sales team for more details on our tool box custom foam and tool control service:

+44 (0) 2380 254285

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