Tools, Shadow Foaming and Tool Storage Solutions

Individual tools in custom Shadow Foam at Red Box ToolsRed Box Tools is delighted to offer a fantastic range of tools and tool storage solutions.

Our pre-designed tool kits have been designed using years of experience from professionals in the industry, including Engineering, Aviation, Marine and Automotive. Each tool kit is designed using Shadow Foaming layers. Each tool has its own slot in the foam layers, providing an organisation solution, which also protects the tools.

If you are looking after something more personal, we can help there too. Designing your own tool kit could not be easier.

You can simply send us a list of all the BAHCO tools you want to, along with and idea of the case or cabinet you would like and we will get back to you with a design and price.

Alternatively you can build it yourself via our website.

If you’ve got tool storage sorted and just want to buy additional tools, you have come to the right place. We also sell a huge range of Bahco Tools, Draper ToolsFacom ToolsExplorer Cases, and Mountz Tools, including the highly popular range of torque tools.

We really excel when it comes to tool control! Shadow Foaming®is the process of designing bespoke foam layers to lay tools in. These layers are cut to fit in tool case perfectly. Providing a layer to safely store and transport tools. Shadow Foam can be cut into any size and depth and is available in many different colours.