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Specification Sheet

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BE1315P7 – Diesel injector seat cutter set | Application: To clean the injector seat to ensure that it has the correct dimension when replacing or reworking the injector| Contents:T-handle [BE1315P71], Centering guide [BE1315P72], Cutters: 15 x 19 mm flat cutter for various car brands [BE1315P73], 17 x 17 mm angled cutter for various car brands [BE1315P74], 17 x 17 mm flat cutter for BMW, PSA, Renault etc [BE1315P75], 17 x 19 mm flat cutter for Mercedes CRD engines etc [BE1315P76], 17 x 21 mm angled cutter for Fiat Group, Iveco etc [BE1315P77], Supplied in a blow mould case, in foam inlay modular size T6 Fits into the Bahco T-module inlay system for tool trolleys |