Engine oil pressure tester set – BE530001

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EAN Code: 7314150205912

Specification Sheet

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Application: Check oil pressure in engine and transmission system|Contents:|Pressure tester hose, gauge with BAR[0-10] & PSI[0-150] and 90¼ adaptor [BE52003]|Engine oil pressure quick test clamp [BE530001]|SAE adaptors [black finished] [BE52001]:|3/8Ò x 20 UNF|1/2Ò x 20 UNF|1/4Ò x 18 NPT|1/8Ò x 27 NPT|R 1/8Ó DIN|Metric adaptors [chrome finished] [BE52002]|M10 x P1,0|M12 x P1,5|M14 x P1,5|M16 x P1,5|M18 x P1,5|Quick and accurate system, using adaptors or a clamp that goes directly to the oil filter|Covers 90% of the car makes|Fits into the Bahco T-module inlay system for tool trolleys