Draper Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Tool Kits (3/8″ Sq. Dr.) – 99710

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Manufacturer: Draper Tools

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With the ever-increasing rise in electric/hybrid vehicles, technicians have to adapt to new working practices. To safely adhere to best working practices our comprehensive electric/hybrid vehicle service kit contains tools and equipment to enable vehicle technicians to work on electric/hybrid vehicles safely.

1x VDE socket set (19 Piece)
1x VDE plier set (3 Piece)
1x VDE screwdriver set (4 Piece)
1x VDE cable knife
2x VDE open-end spanners: 8mm, 10mm
1x VDE 10mm nut driver
1x Digital multimeter (Auto and Manual Ranging)
1x Insulation resistance meter
1x Electrical insulating gloves (Size 9)
1x EHV/Safety exclusion zone kit
1x ‘Danger High Voltage’ hazard sign

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