Sandflex® Bi-Metal Power Hacksaw Blades – 3809-450-45-2.25-4

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EAN Number: 7311518114206

Specification Sheet

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Correct blade tension is essential for ensuring a straight kerf and a long useful life of the blade|If the tension is too low, the blade will bend upwards or twist, giving rise to high stresses, heavy wear of the blade and uneven, crooked kerfs|Excessive tension causes high stresses in the blade and saw frame|As a general rule, harder materials call for a lower stroke rate and higher feed pressure|If the chips are burnt, feed pressure is too high|If tooth cracks appear, feed pressure is too high|Fine, powdery chips indicate that feed pressure is too low|Fine curled chips indicate the optimal feed pressure|The teeth should not be touching the workpiece when the machine is started|A useful rule of thumb is that at least three teeth should be engaged at any time

Bahco Sandflex® bi-metal Power hacksaw blade suitable for use on any material, is virtually an unbreakable bi-metal hacksaw blade.

Bahco Sandflex® bi-metal power hacksaw blades suitable for use on any material, is virtually an unbreakable blade.