RBT305T Cessna and Piper General Maintenance and Avionics, includes 350 tools. Imperial

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Model Number RBT305T
Number of Tools 350
Measurement Imperial

2 Year Guarantee
Specification Sheet

Tool changes and substitutions can happen without notice

Tool case trolley made out of synthetic resin, red, watertight, impact- resistant, with pressure equalizing valve, Inlays in two colours, red/ anthracite, Skydrol resistant.

Kit includes:

350 BAHCO and DMC imperial aviation hand tools and avionics tools

The two different colours of the inlay indicate lost tools on the spot and makes the tool control much faster and easier and safer.

Number of Tools: 350
Measurement of Tools: Imperial
Case Size: L 630mm x W 500mm x H 305mm
Weight: 24kg