Motorcross Bike Transporter Job Completed!

The Red Box Engineering team recently completed work on a motorcross bike transporter for Alan Forrest.

Alan, a big motorcross enthusiast, needed a way to transport his motorcross bike as it was too long to fit in his pick-up, so he asked for our help.

A number of ideas were discussed on the best way to complete the task before the final design was approved, which would be created using mild steel and aluminium.


The Process:

• A mild steel box section frame was cut and welded
• A mild steel connection plate was water jet cut, welded to the frame and then the frame powder coated black
• A Treadplate top was made from folded aluminium treadplate and bolted to the frame.
• Lights and number plate were installed in-house



Alan was thrilled with the completed motorcross bike transporter, which is working better than he imagined!

Another great Red Box Engineering success!


otorcross bike transporter for Alan Forrest. motorcross bike transporter