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Predesigned Tool Kits

Foam it, find it.

Red Box offers a selection of predesigned tool kits covering many different industries, including, but not limited to, Aviation, Engineering and Automotive. These kits have been designed using the highest quality tools laid out in routed, two-tone Shadow Foaming™. All of our BAHCO tools are provided with a lifetime guarantee, whilst they can also be laser etched for easy identification.

We can create kits designed to customer specification or pre-designed kits, such as our fantastic range of automotive tool kits, electrician tool kits and plumbing tool kits, as seen below.
Tool cabinets and BAHCO tools are also sold separately.

As well as offering a wide selection of specifically predesigned kits (as below), Red Box can also offer individual tools. You can pick and choose a selection of BAHCO tools, send us the information, we can then send you a price for the tools. In addition we can also cost to have them engraved, put into a carry case or tool cabinet and embedded in corrosion resistant shadow foam for easy tool management.

Our tool shadowing foam also includes Push Point Technology™, which makes gaining access to your tools even easier than ever before.

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Predesigned Tool Kits

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