Shadow Foaming® FAQs - Red Box Tools

Shadow Foaming® is the process in which we create bespoke foams for any tools, items or accessories to sit in. The foam we use is versatile and can be cut easily. Shadow Foaming® is made from a material that is strong enough to withstand daily use, so you don’t need to worry about it getting worn or tearing.

Discover more about our Shadow Foaming® service via our FAQs below:

Do we need to send out tools to you?

There are a number of ways we can use Shadow Foaming® on your tools. We can come to you and scan the tools on site, you can send the tools to us and we will scan them and send them back in the foam or we can send you a kit and you can draw your own tools and we will make the foam.

Does the foam come with a guaranty?

The foam comes with a 1 year guaranty. It is extremely hard wearing, but should you need to replace it in the future we keep all your designs on file so replacement foam is relatively cheap.

What is the thickest foam you can do?

The standard thickness is up to 80mm, but we can do any thickness by fixing layers together.

What colours can I have the foam in?

The standard tool foam is red and black, but we do supply a number of colours so feel free to ask.

How do I get my tools out of the foam?

As a rule we prefer push points. At a set point of the tool you push it to release it. Alternatively, if you prefer pick points we will add them for you.

How big can the sheets of foam be?

Our standard sheets are 1m x 2m

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