Red Box Tools’ first year at Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Red Box team have been working hard over the last few months, getting ready for their first visit to Goodwood Festival of Speed! The show was held from 29th June to 2nd July, with this year’s theme being “Peaks of Performance – Motorsports Game Changers”.

As in previous years, when we have attended the Aviation Exhibition at Goodwood, the show gave us a chance to catch up with our customers and showcase our BAHCO toolkits and shadow foaming® solutions over a drink. This year we had a much bigger stand than before, so we went all out on the design and of course, we made everything we possibly could red!

This was a buzzing event and the stand was packed throughout the weekend. Our stand featured some brilliant discounts on tools, socket sets and tool kits. There was huge a Red Box bar, that ran across the entire stand, serving free snacks and drinks.

Our shadow foaming®, tool solutions were on display; as the team created extra-large foams for people to test out the easy-release push-points. With so much to see on the Red Box stand, our customers enjoyed browsing with a free drink. We even had Pick and Mix ready for both kids and adults to help themselves! As the weekend came around, the sun came out and we had glorious weather to enjoy, so we handed out choc ices to help cool customers down! As the final day came around, we enjoyed some live music on the stand before the weekend drew to a close.

The show had many highlights including the infamous hill climb. Among the cars at the show were: 1,000bhp turbocharge Grand Prix cars of the 80s, Group 7 sports cars, 500cc Grand Prix bikes, MotoGP missiles and world superbike winners. The perfect action packed weekend for motorsport lovers.

As Goodwood has come to an end for another year, we are already looking forward to planning another year at the Festival of Speed in 2018.