Red Box Tools Open Day – 4th November 2016


On the 4th November, Red Box Tools had their open day. Nearly 200 friends, family and customers visited the store and workshop.


For the last 7 years Red Box has produced and sold bespoke tool kits. Marketed mainly to the military, general and commercial aviation sectors. The tool boxes contain the highest quality tools laid in laser cut corrosion-resistant shadow foam. However, they just launched their new venture ‘Red Box Tools‘, which this open day celebrated. 

Red Box is a large company which comprises of 3 businesses, ‘Red Box International’, ‘Red Box Engineering’ and ‘Red Box Tools’. Red Box Tools was established to meet the high demand for tools kits with the shadow foam layers, for everyone not just the aviation sectors. They also branched out with additional element of selling individual tools which come with a lifetime guarantee and a full etching/engraving service. Moreover, they offer the chance for people to design their own kits. 


The open day itself was a truimpth . Showcasing the services of both Red Box International and Red Box Engineering, including metal fabrication and water jet cutting. The new store, Red Box Tools, however was the main attraction. Upon entering the store, you are greeted by a warm glow of red and orange, surrounded by tools and tool kits. The Red Box Team demonstrated their Laser Marking Station by etching tools for the customers, with their names or personal messages. Furthermore, the 3D scanner was exhibited by the scanning of an intricate ornament. When routing the shadow foam layers the 3D scanner is a vital piece of a equipment.

Overall, the open day was a success, with customers leaving happy with new personalised tools and full from the hog roast and pick ‘n’ mix.


Photos of Red Box Tools Open Day

RBT Open Day 2

The Red Box Team in front of the new shop in South Hants Industrial Park, Totton.


RBT Open Day 5

Birdseye View of the Tool Shop on the open day.


RBT Open Day 3

The Red Box Team talking to visitors about the workshop.


RBT Open Day 4

The Foam Router, the corrosion-resistant shadow foam is routed for the Tool Kits.