Predesigned Tool Kits

Red Box offers a selection of predesigned tool kits covering many different industries, including, but not limited to, Aviation, Engineering and Automotive. These kits have been designed using the highest quality tools laid out in routed, two-tone Shadow Foaming™. All of our tools are provided with a lifetime guarantee, whilst they can also be laser etched for easy identification.

We can create kits designed to customer specification or pre-designed kits, such as our fantastic range of automotive tool kits, electrician tool kits and plumbing tool kits, as seen below.

Tool cabinets and tools are also sold separately.

As well as offering a wide selection of specifically predesigned kits (as below), Red Box can also offer individual tools. You can pick and choose a selection of tools, send us the information, we can then send you a price for the tools. In addition we can also cost to have them engraved, put into a carry case or tool cabinet and embedded in corrosion resistant shadow foam for easy tool management.

Our foam also includes Push Point Technology™, which makes gaining access to your tools even easier than ever before.

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Aviation Tool Kits

Model Number Description Number of Tools Measurement
Flight Aid GM Tool Kit in Nylon Bag with Tools 45 Metric
RBA3 Mechanic Hand Trolley Case with Tools 149 Metric
RBA3IN Mechanic Hand Trolley Case with Tools 194 Metric
RBA3ST Mechanic Hand Trolley Case 149 Metric
RBA3TDR Mechanic Hand Trolley Case 149 Metric
RBA4IMP Mechanic Cabinet with Tools 96 Imperial
RBA6 Mechanic Cabinet with Tools 287 Metric
RBI4000T Travelling Mechanic Tool Kit 147 Imperial / Metric
RBI4000T Travelling Mechanic Kit 147 Imperial / Metric
RBI4100T Ground Support Equipment Kit 116 Imperial / Metric
RBI8000ST Helibox Trolley Case with Tools and spare foam 236 Imperial / Metric
RBI8000T Helibox Trolley Case with Tools 236 Imperial / Metric
RBI8000TDR Helibox 236 Imperial / Metric
RBI8050T Mechanics/Technicians Basic Tool Kit (Airframe/Engines) 88 -
RBI8100ST Boeing Kit 200 Imperial
RBI8100T Boeing Kit 200 Imperial
RBI8100TDR Boeing Tool Kit 199 Imperial
RBI8200T UAV Kit 171 Imperial / Metric
RBI250T UAV Kit 229 Imperial / Metric
RBI8300T Airbus Kit 107 Imperial
8400 Mechanic Hand Carry Tool Kit with Tools 134 Imperial / Metric
RBI8401T Wiring System Service Kit for the BAe Jetstream 31, 32 and 41 Aircraft 227 -
RBI8402T Maintenance Kit for Canadair CL-604 206 -
RBI8403T Maintenance Kit for Lear 25, 31A, 35, 55 and 60 252 -
RBI8404T Maintenance Kit for Cessna Citation X Model 750 547 -
RBI8405T Gulfstream V G500/550 Wiring System Maintenance Kit 265 -
RBI8406T Boeing 737-600, -700, -800 Wiring System Maintenance Kit 290 -
RBI8407T Embraer ERJ-145 Wiring System Maintenance Kit 185 -
RBI8408T Wiring System Service Kit for the Learjet 45 196 -
RBI8409T Dassault Falcon 50EX Wiring System Maintenance Kit -
RBI8410T BeechCraft KingAir 350 Wiring System Service Kit 476 -
RBI8411T Bombardier (De Havilland) Dash 8 Q400 Wiring System Maintenance Kit 218 -
RBI8412T Embraer ERJ 170/175/190/195 Wiring System Maintenance Kit 232 -
RBI8413T Maintenance Kit for McDonnell Douglas DC-8, DC-9, DC-10 & Boeing 757 217 -
RBI8414T Airbus A319 Wiring Service Maintenance Kit 163 -
RBI8415T Wiring System Service Kit for the F-28 Fokker Aircraft -
RBI8416T Gulfstream G650 Wiring System Service Kit 266 -
RBI8417T Gulfstream II Wiring System Maintenance Kit 131 -
RBI8418T Boeing 747 & 747SP Wiring System Maintenance Kit 163 -
RBI8419T Learjet 35 Wiring System Maintenance Kit 171 -
RBI8420T Wiring System Service Kit for the Cessna Citation I and II Aircraft 170 -
RBI8421T Cessna Citation I, II, and III Wiring System Maintenance Kit 190 -
RBI8422T Wiring System Service Kit for the Boeing 707, 727, 737-200, 747 & 747SP Aircraft 193 -
RBI8423T Cessna Citation V Model 560 Wiring System Maintenance Kit 188 -
RBI8424T McDonnell Douglas DC8, DC9, DC10 Wiring System Maintenance Kit 183 -
RBI8425T Airbus A300, A310, A320, A330, & A340 Wiring System Service Kit 313 -
RBI8426T Canadair CL-600, -601, & -601-3A Challenger Aircraft Wiring System Maintenance Kit 206 -
RBI8427T Airbus A300 & A310 Wiring System Service Kit 214 -
RBI8428T Wiring System Service Kit for the DeHavilland Dash 7 Aircraft 214 -
RBI8429T Dassault Falcon 10,100,20,200,50 & 900 Wiring System Maintenance Kit 154 -
RBI8430T Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340 Wiring System Maintenance Kit 163 -
RBI8431T Canadair Regional Jet CRJ100/200 Wiring System Maintenance Kit 196 -
RBI8432T SAAB S340 Wiring System Maintenance Kit 186 -
RBI8433T BAE 146 Wiring System Service Kit 212 -
RBI8434T Boeing 737-200, -300, -400, -500 Wiring System Maintenance Kit 181 -
RBI8437T FOKKER F50/F100 Wiring System Maintenance Kit 206 -
RBI8438T LEARJET 25, 35, & 55 Wiring System Maintanance Kit 187 -
RBI8439T 228 Dornier Wiring System Maintenance Kit -
RBI8440T GULFSTREAM III & IV Wiring System Maintenance Kit 187 -
RBI8441T ATR42/ATR72 TOOL KIT 174 -
RBI8500TM Airbus A320 Tool Kit 114 Imperial
RBI9000TM Mechanic Metal Step Case with Tools 129 Imperial
RBI9100TM Mechanic Metal Step Case with Tools 148 Imperial
RBBI9150TM 4 Drawer Metal Step Case 148 Metric
RBI9200C Airbus Kit 243 Imperial
RBI9205C Aircraft Workshop Cabinet with Imperial and Metric Tools 302 Imperial / Metric
RBI9210C Airframe and Powerplant Kit 119 Imperial
RBI9220C Electrical Aviation Kit 130 Imperial / Metric
RBI9230C Aircraft General Servicing 374 Imperial / Metric
RBI9240C Pilatus Mechanic Kit 263 -
Bahco Tool Kit RBI9260C Cessna 172 Central Kit 130 Imperial / Metric
RBI9270C Large Workshop Cabinet with Tools 284 Imperial / Metric
Bahco Tool Kit RBI9280C Light Aircraft Ground Maintenance 201 Imperial / Metric
RBI9290C Aircraft Workshop Cabinet with Imperial Tools 98 Imperial
RBI9300 Avionics Measurement Supply Kit -
9400ST Mechanic Hand Trolley Case 161 Imperial
RBI9400T Mechanic Hand Trolley Case with Tools 159 Imperial
RBI9400TDR Mechanic hand trolley case 161 Imperial
RBI9500 Mechanic Hand Carry Tool Kit with Tools 160 Imperial
RBI9500ST Mechanic trolley case with spare foam layer 160 Imperial
RBI9500TDR Mechanic Hand Carry Tool Kit 160 Imperial
RBI9600ST Avionics kit with spare foam 213 Imperial
RBI9600T Avionics Toolkit 213 Imperial
RBI9600TDR Avionics kit 213 Imperial
RBI9650ST Avionics toolkit with spare foam 246 Imperial
RBI9650T Avionics Toolkit 246 Imperial
RBI9650TDR Avionics Trolley Case 246 Imperial
RBI9700TM Mechanic Metal Step Case with Tools 149 Imperial
RBI9900TM Mechanic Metal Step Case with Tools 193 Metric
RBI9950TMIN Mechanic Metal Step Case with Tools 174 Metric
RBT230T Boeing Maintenance Technician Kit 150 -
RBT250T Aviation Sheet Metal Tools Kit 128 -