Red Box Tools and Foam to open their doors in the USA

At Red Box Tools and Foam, we are here to help our customers create their perfect toolkit. Red Box Tool Kits have been designed using years of experience from industry experts. We have a wide range of tool kits that are available to our customers, as well as offering customers the chance to design their own tool kit, utilising our extensive product range, as well as our Shadow Foam and Shadow boarding services.

Due to the rapid growth of Red Box Tools and Foam we are excited to announce that we will be launching in the USA. A second office and production facility will be opening in Lawrenceville, Georgia USA. The official Launch date will be April 1st 2019!

Red Box Tools and Foam is teaming up with Atlanta Attachment Company to bring this project to life. Red Box and Atlanta Attachment have been working together for nearly 10 years. In early 2000 they joined forces to add the Red Box aviation equipment to the product range of tugs already offered by Priceless Aviation (a division of Atlanta Attachment Co.)

In 2015 Priceless Aviation added aviation tool kits to their product range. These kits were specific to different aircraft and came with tool control foam to meet aviation requirements. The success and demand for these tool kits was beyond all our expectations. It quickly became apparent that these tool kits were not just for the aviation industry. Now, four years later, we are celebrating the launch of Red Box Tools and Foam USA.

The expansion will be headed by Adrian Jackson and Ash Marshall of Red Box Tools UK and Mark Tullis of Atlanta Attachment. Adrian and Ash will be based in the Lawrenceville office for most of 2019.

“I’m very excited about this venture. We have been working on it for a long time and the end product is going to be exceptional. I have attended shows in the USA for many years now, and it is clear to me that our foam and tool services are an essential requirement for industry in the USA. Gone are the days where people cut their own foam or use a pen and a piece of wood to create shadow boards.

Working with the team at Atlanta Attachment is always an effortless experience. With their focus on quality and customer service, we are ready to offer an experience our customers will love.” Adrian Jackson – Red Box Tools UK

Red Box Tools and Foam USA will provide the same great service and products as Red Box Tools in the UK. All of our popular tool kits will be available to order, as well as foam layers and inserts for each kit. Customers will be able to design their own tool kits, add to their existing kits, and have their own toolkits put into Shadow Foaming®.

“I can’t wait to get started. There has been a lot of preparation throughout the start of this year. Our facility will stock a full inventory of tools so we are ready to serve you immediately. We will also have a laser etcher to personalize your tools, continuing this service that is currently being offered in the UK. Red Box Tools and Foam will change the way companies manage tools, at each level of production.” Mark Tullis – Atlanta Attachment Company

We have access to over 25,000 tools and storage solutions, utilising the industry standard BAHCO range means that we can offer exceptional quality tools that all come with a lifetime guarantee. You can browse products online at:

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