Red Box’s visit to BAHCO

Last week, the Red Box Tools and Priceless Aviation team flew to Spain, where we visited our partners, BAHCO. We are proud to supply BAHCO tools to our customers and our tour of the plants proved just how brilliant their products are. The team had a great trip and BAHCO were very hospitable, allowing us to visit the plants and get to know the manufacturing processes more.

We arrived in San Sebastian in Northern Spain, where four of the BAHCO plants are based. During the tours of these four plants we saw how some of the tools are produced and the processes carried out to ensure that each and every tool is manufactured to a high quality. During our visit we had tours of the plants in Vitoria, Solaruce and Irun, each plant manufacturing different tools: wrenches, screw drivers and pliers, with other tools being produced around the world.

With over 160 years of history, BAHCO have been developing and inventing since 1850, continuously creating and improving their products. BAHCO produce their tools with the customer in mind; they are constantly quality checking throughout the manufacturing process to ensure safety for both the tools and the end users. The effort put into quality checks at each plant show that the tools are made with care and time is taken to ensure that they are of the highest standard that they can be.

The tours were useful for the team, to understand why BAHCO tools are the best quality tools to have in your kit. Not only are they made from the highest quality raw materials, they are produced using ergonomic designs, with the end user in mind. All tools come with a lifetime gaurantee for your peace of mind. You can view our Red Box Toolkits here, all including BAHCO tools.

We would like to thank BAHCO for organising a great trip and for letting us view their plants.