FGC Cam-Over Wrenches

Engineered and assembled in Silicon Valley, the Mountz FGC line of precision preset cam-over wrenches are the most advanced torque wrenches for high-level process and quality control.

Safeguarding Against Fastening Failures

  • Poka-yoke torque wrench prevents over-torque, as a click wrench cannot
  • Calibration life 2x ISO standards, unmatched by any wrench
  • Delivers repeatability, traceability and precision for all tightening applications
  • Preset wrench ensures that the correct torque value is consistently applied to each fastener
  • Industry leading warranty: 2 years unconditional. Lifetime against defects

A click wrench is not a 100 % process safe and is often susceptible to over-torque results. A click wrench does not physically prevent an operator from applying additional force, he/she can unknowingly generate over-torque.

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